Welcome to SomaSys… Your Risk Manager, Trading & Strategy Experts

Headquartered in Kolkata, India – SomaSys Financial Research specializes in providing Forex Managed Accounts services, Equity Outsourcing & Advisory services and Forex Risk Consulting services. We offer tailor made services to cater to diverse needs of our clientele, including individuals, corporations and institutions, keeping in view the diverse objective and requirements of different category of clients. At SomaSys, alignment with the client’s goals and objectives is considered fundamental for delivering consistent performance.

SomaSys specializes in accurate analysis of the market movement using a combination of technical, fundamental, quant and occult based tools, which are time tested and highly reliable. At SomaSys, all the efforts of our experienced and expert professionals are directed towards maintaining a more consistent and accurate reading of actual market conditions, so that we can generate outperformance of our benchmarks unswervingly, on a risk adjusted basis.

At SomaSys, risk management and capital protection are given highest priority. Multi-layered risk assessment and management systems have been put in place for identification, quantification and controlling of risk. These systems provide a framework that support informed decision-making, planning and allocation of resources to protect and enhance the client’s bottom-line and objectives through improved operational efficiency and effectiveness.

We introduced Forex Managed Accounts service to support investors in entering unique and rewarding alternative investments, and are ideal for those investors who desire to have their funds managed by professionals. This is a feasible solution for individuals or companies looking to diversify into Forex without active participation. Our objective is to focus entirely on long-term success with complete transparency. We ensure consistent outperformance with lowest drawdown for the investors.

Our entire approach is based on scientifically analysing the financial markets and giving credence to inter-linkages existing between different market segments.

We deploy assorted tools such as economic, econometric, and statistical research, inter-market analysis, etc., on the fundamental side and technical price projections through thorough usage of Elliott wave analysis, cycle analysis and other proprietary techniques for equity markets and currencies. As we undertake our research process we gather information and develop extremely high quality, unbiased analysis of both the markets and individual pairs.

We provide risk management solutions to corporate guided by rigorous risk analysis. Within the gamut of risk management profile we provide spectrum of services, including price modelling and forecasting, complex quantitative assessment enabling procurement consulting, policies and procedures related to trading & hedging strategy and design.

SomaSys strives to attain excellence in providing professional consulting services and advice on risk management. Our team of consultants consists of seasoned experts who understand the specific issues related to Equity and Forex markets. SomaSys advisors have exceptional industry and market experience, as well as specialized knowledge in areas such as risk management, derivatives trading and finance. We share a structured problem-solving approach, where all opinions and options are considered, researched, and analysed carefully before providing our recommendations to the client.

Our management consulting practice provides real time consultancy relating to hedging strategy development and risk management strategy support and also training, to corporates. Through our management consulting practice we provide effective and relevant solutions, insight and strategy related guidance, needed for taking critical management decisions, for your business success.

Our solutions are not merely need-based but based on future impact analysis. This makes our solutions executable, cost-effective, inventive and innovative. We are client–centric and consider it a privilege to get an opportunity to be your partner in your business success. Here, we are to give you every achievable edge in your area of business through combination of our intelligence and experience, and continuing to improve profitability.