The markets have turned more efficient and the professionals proficient. It is quite a difficult proposition making consistent profits when you trade. It requires comprehensive knowledge and understanding to master the same. Forex trading course ensures to build a strong foundation inside you that will enable you to take trades through logical analysis.

We firmly believe a trader must understand what they are trading, before they risk money in the markets. It is our aim to give you the most comprehensive understanding of the tools and knowledge required to understand and analyze financial market movement.

The intensive training program that we offer takes you through the Basic and Advanced concepts of Technical Analysis (Dow theory, Elliott wave theory, Candlesticks, Chart Pattern Analysis, Indicator Analysis). The Program will help you to analyze any financial market from an objective point of view. You shall learn Trading Set-ups, so that you know where exactly to buy and book profits/losses. The program covers money management essentials which will help you decide how much to trade with your capital, and Trading Psychology.

The forex training course is designed to suit daytraders, swing traders and even scalpers. We take pride in turning amateurs and aspirants into professional. Our modules takes care of the same and ensure your basics being taken care of, and eventually scale up to make you a professional trader.